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Published on 06 Jul 2022

Why should you have your truck wheels re-torqued after a tire replacement?

Overtightening is just as bad as undertightening the wheels. Too much tightening could cause the threads of the wheel stud to stretch, resulting in the stud being severed and the wheel being lost. A weak tightening of the wheels could cause an abnormal vibration at the wheel which could also result in a loss of wheel.

Dr. Hino recommends that you have your wheels checked for tightness by Laval Hino technicians who use the proper tools and techniques to do so. What’s more, this service is free with us!

Follow Dr. Hino’s advice to keep your truck healthy!



  • Wheel re-torquing is recommended after 150 kilometers, each time a wheel is removed and put back on the truck.

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