Radiator cleaning

Published on 12 Sep 2022

Every summer, we have customers who complain that their trucks overheat on the highway. The main reason for these overheating is caused by a very dirty or poorly cleaned radiator.

The role of a radiator is to allow the antifreeze in the engine to cool down thanks to the wind produced by the engine fan or the wind produced by the truck while driving.

This is because an air current is created between the air-to-air and the radiator. This airflow causes particles, pollen and dust to cling to the radiator walls. Once the walls are well filled, the air that must pass through the radiator is not able to pass through it properly, which prevents the engine antifreeze from being cooled. This is the main reason for the engine overheating we see on our Hino trucks.

Dr. Hino recommends that you clean your heater at least twice a year! In addition, Laval Hino offers this service without an appointment!

Follow Dr. Hino’s advice to keep your truck healthy!



  • Every 6 months or sooner if the truck works in a very dusty environment.

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